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How can I join  Night Haven?

Answer: So you want to join  Night Haven? This is no simple feat as there're some strict guidelines, but it's not too difficult either. We're closer to the family/friendship end of the clan formality spectrum; there will be some scrimmin' goin' on and whatnot, but we're mainly here more to enjoy ourselves on our own server. Here are things that are sure to get you in.

-Being a server regular is essential. There's no point in giving admin privileges to someone who doesn't even play on our server. While on the subject of being a regular, lurking and, far better, taking part in forum discussions (and not bein' a f troll) will easily be picked up on by us here.
-You'll want to avoid sounding like a pig by subtly stating your interest and stating it in the right section of the forum rather than posting in the General Discussions in an immature, obnoxious tone. Also, taking action on the forums shows that you're willing to dedicate efforts to the clan.
-You should be a likeable person, and you should like us as no one that we don't like will have a chance at authoritative privileges.
-Loyalty is a big plus. Playing in other servers or raiding in World of Warcraft won't immediately cause your administrative power to dwindle, but that's not to say that it won't happen when all your recreational time is spent doing things other than keeping an eye on our server.
-Frag competency, though not neglected, is the least scalable factor in joining the force.

The admin ladder will, for the most part, be pretty a conventional pyramid-type system. A new admin starts off at a pretty weak level, gaining additional levels of authority as time goes on and the higher-ups see desirable and fit. Not to fret though, as you should soon have additional commands under your belt if you work for it. The single, most fastest, way of moving up on the pyramid is to be policing in the night with great frequency and competency.

Guidelines will be subject to change as I or anybody else come up with anything.









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